5 major AI tools to Level up your LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn has over 930 million users and continues to expand. Your next client will most likely be using the platform. When used properly, LinkedIn can open doors, unlock opportunities, and connect you to people who can help your business develop. Don’t miss out on amazing material that will pique the interest of those professionals. Learn how to do it correctly and leave a lasting impression that will land you the job.

Lara Acosta increased her LinkedIn followers from 0 to 95,000 in 18 months by studying LinkedIn every day and sharing what she learned. Her company, LA Digital, works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them break free from old marketing habits by employing cutting-edge marketing, sales, and copywriting tactics, as well as sharing personal stories that resonate. She now combines AI tools into her job to get more done and create a bigger impact with less effort, as she evolves with the requirements of her clients and her own personal brand.

Here are eight AI tools, the majority of which Acosta herself uses, that will change your LinkedIn game for the better, allowing you to optimize your profile, content, and interaction approach.

AI Tools Will Help You Improve Your LinkedIn Game

1. Bing AI   

“It’s so much better than ChatGPT,” Acosta stated. “Using Bing you can specify that content is creative, balanced, or precise, to create LinkedIn posts that sound more like you.” Because Microsoft (MSFT +0.9%) owns both LinkedIn and Bing, it stands to reason that this AI discussion generates outstanding LinkedIn posts. Bing would like you to publish on LinkedIn. “With Bing’s interface, I can browse the internet for post ideas and get them right away without leaving the page.” I select creator mode, and it generates ideas for me to alter.”

2. Grammarly AI

Grammarly AI is an old product that is nevertheless useful for any professional writer. It includes:

  • Comprehensive grammar and spelling correction: Maintain a professional image by ensuring your LinkedIn content is free of errors and typos.
  • Improve your writing by providing more extensive vocabulary possibilities and refining your writing style for greater clarity and impact.
  • Tone detection and adjustment: Keep the right tone for your audience and purpose in mind, whether formal, relaxed, or compelling.    

3. Crystal

Effective communication requires you to understand your audience. Crystal provides useful insights on the personalities of your LinkedIn friends by:

  • Personality assessments: Using their LinkedIn profiles and online activities, create personality profiles for your relationships.
  • Recommendations for communication styles: Tailor your communication to individual personalities by learning about their communication preferences and styles.
  • Building greater connections: Make stronger connections with your audience by tailoring your approach to each individual.

4. OpusClip

OpusClip is for you if you appear on podcasts. This AI cuts big films into tiny snippets and ranks them based on viral potential, allowing you to acquire approved content ideas for posts or utilize the video clips as posts themselves. “This tool was a lifesaver for me,” Acosta said. “It got me going with video and means I can create content for myself and my clients quicker than ever.” Add a video link or upload from your documents, then create vertical clips appropriate for LinkedIn and many other platforms, using the tool’s text and subtitles. The free plan allows you to upload up to 60 minutes of video every month and includes a watermark, but the premium version removes the watermark and includes additional features such as bespoke brand templates and auto-posting.

5. Trello   

Although not quite AI, this is a handy tool worth mentioning. “I use Trello as a swipe file, dropping amazing posts I see online in there for inspiration, so I never have to start from a blank page,” Acosta went on to say. “It prevents me from getting writer’s block.” I construct boards to which my clients contribute ideas, and then we collaborate on their posts.” Simple tools can help you manage and streamline your workflows so you can post more frequently. “I recommend that most clients post three times per week, with a focus on quality.” I also want them to participate for at least 30 minutes every day.” Trello makes sense of the timetable, ensuring that you never miss an important output.

Supercharge Your LinkedIn Content and Engagement with These AI tools

Don’t start from the beginning and redo everything. Use these eight tools to get a jump start on your LinkedIn content. Utilize Bing AI, Crystal, Grammarly AI, Lara AI, ChatGPT, OpusClip, Canva AI, and good old Trello, as recommended by LinkedIn’s #1 female creator in the UK, to get your system in place and ready to slay. There’s no reason not to connect with your next big client on LinkedIn.


The incorporation of AI tools gives an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to up your LinkedIn game. Accept these tools, customize them to your preferences, and watch your content and engagement improve.

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