Cracking the Code: TikTok’s Hashtag Rules for Marketers

Getting Around in TikTok’s New Creative Landscape

TikTok has long been a vital tool for marketers wanting to stay ahead of trends in the fast-paced world of social media marketing. However, recent modifications to the Creative Centre have shocked the marketing community. Consider the marketing consequences of TikTok’s decision to prohibit the usage of hashtags in its Creative Centre.

Recognizing the TikTok Hashtag Dilemma

1. TikTok Hashtag Capabilities Revealed

TikTok advertisers are confronted with a new challenge: limited access to particular hashtags in the Creative Center.

2. The Implications for Campaign Planning

Why should marketers worry about these constraints and how they influence their capacity to research trends?

3. Links to Hashtags

The Victims of Change Notable hashtags, such as those relating to the Israel-Hamas conflict and American politics, are no longer available in the Creative Center.

4. Removal of the Search Button

TikTok takes a risk by removing the search option from the Creative Centre, altering how advertisers use the platform.

Investigating the Reasons behind TikTok Changes

5. TikTok’s Pivot: Focus on the Top 100 Hashtags

The platform’s focus switches to delivering data on the top 100 hashtags across various industries, offering marketers with a new set of capabilities.

6. Concerns about Censorship

TikTok’s move to restrict hashtag searches derives from worries about potential platform censorship as a result of overuse.

7. Researchers and legislators scrutinize

An investigation of how geopolitical material and the Israel-Hamas war inspired TikTok to reconsider their Creative Center offerings.

TikTok Creative Center in Focus: What Marketers Should Know 

8. TikTok Creative Center Decoding

An in-depth examination of what the Creative Center is, what it does, and how it helps advertisers evaluate trend popularity.

9. Equality of Access

How the Creative Center makes statistics on the number of videos connected with a certain hashtag and viewership details available.

10. TikTok Spokesperson’s Insights

TikTok representative Alex Haurek provided direct statements on the changes to the Creative Center’s features.

“Unfortunately, some individuals and organizations have misused the Center’s search function to draw inaccurate conclusions, so we are changing some of the features to ensure it is used for its intended purpose.”


TikTok’s decision to limit hashtags within the Creative Center is a big development that requires marketers to be flexible. Despite the hurdles, the platform’s emphasis on curated data and avoiding misuse demonstrates its dedication to establishing a more ethical and successful advertising environment.

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