Enhanced Privacy for WhatsApp Communities

Users may now conceal their phone numbers from other community members using WhatsApp’s new “Phone Number Privacy” privacy feature. Beta testers have access to this functionality right now, and a larger audience is anticipated to get it shortly.

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Phone Number and choose My Contacts or Nobody to enable this option. Only individuals who have stored your phone number in their contacts will be able to see it in the community if you choose My Contacts. Your phone number will be kept secret from everyone in the neighborhood if you choose Nobody.

If you’re wary of giving up your phone number to strangers, this option is a smart method to safeguard your privacy. Also, it enables you to join communities without disclosing any private information.

Privacy Features:

Other privacy features WhatsApp recently implemented include the following:

Account Protect: When you login in to WhatsApp on a new device, this feature asks you to enter a six-digit PIN.

Device Verification: This function notifies you whenever a new device attempts to sign in to your WhatsApp account.

Automatic Security Codes: When you sign in to WhatsApp on a new device, this function automatically produces security codes for you.

These additional privacy options for WhatsApp are a positive development. They allow consumers more privacy control and aid in shielding them from obtrusive calls and texts.

Benefits of using the phone number privacy feature:

The following are some advantages of utilizing WhatsApp Communities’ phone number privacy feature:

  • By keeping your phone number secret from neighbors, you may safeguard your privacy.
  • Without having to worry about your phone number being exploited for spam or other nefarious purposes, you may feel more at ease engaging in discussions and exchanging information.
  • Administrators of the community and other users who have stored your phone number in their contacts can still reach you.

I advise turning on WhatsApp Communities’ phone number privacy function if you’re worried about privacy. It’s an easy approach to safeguard your data and maintain the secrecy of your communications.

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