Enhanced Tweet Editing for Blue Subscribers on Twitter    

In September of last year, after considerable discussion, Twitter added an edit option for premium members. Twitter at the time allowed users to make up to five edits to their postings before they were published permanently. 

Social media expert Matt Navarra uncovered the company’s restriction of tweet modifications to one every hour.

Twitter has increased the time Blue users have to go back and make changes to their tweets from 30 minutes to an hour. On June 2023, the change was announced on Twitter Blue’s main account. Subscribers on Blue now have an hour to reconsider their tweets, up from 30 minutes. The update is currently making its way to customers, but all Blue members should have access to it soon. Tweet responses cannot be modified, just the original tweet. Throughout the allotted hour, users are allowed to make up to five changes to their tweets. Once the hour is over, you won’t be able to go back and change anything about the tweet.

This is great news for Blue users, who will now have extra time to edit their tweets before they go live. It also shows that Twitter is actively trying out new features to enhance the service for its users.

For more information about tweet editing, please see:

  • Only Twitter Blue users have access to this feature.
  • The monthly fee for Twitter Blue is $9.99.
  • Twitter Blue not only allows you to edit your tweets, but also gives you access to premium material, the option to erase retweets, and the ability to pin tweets to the top of your profile.   

To encourage the creation of more creative tweets, Elon Musk has limited access to a number of functions. Twitter’s premium users were given the option of using up to 4,000 characters in their messages back in February. Nevertheless, in April of this year, that limit was increased to 10,000.

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