Enhancing User Engagement: Telegram’s New Stories Feature   

The popular messaging software Telegram has introduced a new feature called “Stories,” which lets users post photographs and videos that automatically delete themselves after 24 hours. This function is very much like the “Stories” sections of other popular social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook.

On June 26th, Stories was released after being announced by Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, in a blog post. According to him, this was a much sought feature. Around 50% of feature requests are “Stories-related,” he wrote.

Durov said that Telegram Stories will be superior to competing services in a number of ways. Users would have control over who may view their Stories, and other features like subtitles and links would be at their disposal. It is anticipated that Telegram’s revenue plan will include stories. In the future, the firm hopes to monetize Stories through advertising.

Telegram’s debut of Stories is a clear indication that the company intends to take on the established social media platforms. Almost 700 million people use the app on a regular basis; its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Yet, in terms of active users, it continues to lag behind Facebook and Instagram. Telling tales may help Telegram retain its current users and draw in new ones. This is a widely used function on competing platforms, and it seems likely to be well received by Telegram customers.

Some of Telegram Stories’ most notable characteristics are as follows:

  • Users can post media that automatically deletes itself after 24 hours.
  • Users have the option to share their Stories with the public, their contacts, a subset of their contacts, or a restricted group of friends.
  • Captions and links can be added to a user’s Story.
  • Channels can have stories incorporated into them.
  • Advertising goods and services using narratives is possible.

Now in its “final testing phase,” Telegram Stories will soon be available to the public in July.

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