Ethraa Career Fair: 400+ Finance Jobs for UAE Graduates

More than four hundred unique finance-related job positions for recent college grads and seasoned UAE professionals were made possible by the Emirates Institute of Finance’s (EIF) Ethraa Job Fair. On Monday, July 24, 2023, the expo took place at the EIF headquarters in Dubai Global Academic City.

Jobs in banking, investing, insurance, risk management, and financial technology were just some of the many fields represented at the job fair, which was attended by representatives from more than 40 major banks, insurance firms, exchange houses, and other financial organisations (fintech). A series of workshops and panel discussions focused on issues in the financial sector were also offered during the expo.

As part of its mission to Emiratize the financial industry and create 5,000 new jobs by 2026, the Ethraa Initiative hosts an annual career fair known as the Ethraa Career Fair. The program has the backing of the UAE government, which is keen on expanding employment prospects for Emiratis and giving them greater say in the direction the country takes economically.

Almost a thousand people looked for work at the second annual Ethraa Job Fair. Job-seekers were able to network with prospective employers and gain insight into emerging financial sector professions at the career expo.

 The Ethraa Job Fair is an excellent resource for Emirati nationals looking for work in the banking sector. The EIF website is your best bet for finding out when and where the next EIF fair will be held.

Opportunities for Continuous Employment

Common positions in the UAE’s financial industry include:

1. Banking:

Bank workers offer a wide range of financial products and services. Perhaps they focus on finance, investments, or customer service.

2. Investment:

Experts in the investing sector manage the financial resources of people, corporations, and governments. Some possible areas of specialisation include stock research, portfolio management, and risk management.

3. Insurance:

Agents provide many different types of insurance to individuals and businesses. Professionals might choose to focus on either underwriting, claims, or risk management.

4. Risk manager:

Professionals in the field of risk management examine possible dangers and develop plans to counteract them. Risk management in monetary, operational, and regulatory contexts are all possible areas of expertise.

5. Fintech:

“Financial technology” (or “fintech”) refers to the application of computing and networking technologies in the banking and finance industries. Financial transactions, financial loans, and asset management are all possible areas of specialization.

There are several paths you might take to prepare for a future in the financial sector. You have the opportunity to study for a degree in finance or a similar career, obtain practical experience, and connect with other successful people in the sector. Reading trade periodicals and going to industry events are some great ways to keep up with the newest developments in the financial sector.

A few suggestions for attending the fair:

  • Become informed. Do some homework on the participating firms and the positions they’re offering before heading to the fair. This will allow you to concentrate on the businesses that really matter to you.
  • Act in a businesslike manner. The fair is a business event, thus proper attire is required. Employers will see your dedication to your profession and appreciate it.
  • Get your resume ready. Take many copies of your CV with you to the fair. You should have some on hand to hand out to prospective employers.
  • Prepare to make connections. The job fair is a fantastic chance to meet with prospective employers face to face. Make an effort to meet new individuals and hand out your business card.
  • Keep in touch. Contact the booths you visited after the fair to continue the conversation. Your chances of receiving an interview will rise, and people will be more likely to remember your name if you do this.       

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