Generative AI Avatars: TikTok’s New Technological Marvel Revealed

The ability for TikTok users to make their own generative AI avatars is now under testing. Social media strategist Matt Navarra was the first to notice this application, which allows users to select from five different art styles after uploading three to 10 photographs of themselves. In a few minutes, it will have created up to 30 unique avatars. The pictures can be saved to your computer for use as display pictures or in posts.

A generative AI model is used to make the avatars, thus they are not exact replicas of the user’s images. Instead, the model uses the photographs as training data to generate a new portrait in the user’s likeness, but with its own artistic flair.

The tool’s output is respectable, and the wide variety of art styles gives creators plenty of creative leeway. The avatars have realistic hair, skin, and eyes as well.

Whether or if the AI avatar capability will be made available to all TikTok users is still unclear. However, it’s an exciting new addition that has the potential to let people express themselves in novel ways in their accounts.

How it works:

According to Navarra, a user must first upload anywhere from three to ten photographs before choosing from two to five distinct styles for the final AI-generated images.

As you begin the process of creating the images, it might take a while before you see any results. When they’re done, you may save a copy to your computer, use one as your profile picture, or upload it to TikTok.

Some instances of the TikTok AI-generated avatars are as follows:

  • Realistic: All efforts have been made to ensure that these avatars appear lifelike. They seem quite realistic, with realistic hair, eyes, and skin tones.
  • Cartoonish: These avatars have a more stylized and cartoonish appearance. They seem like characters from cartoons or anime due to their exaggerated features and vivid colors.
  • Abstract: These avatars take on a more creative and abstract form. They may not have a human appearance, but they have a lot of personality and creativity.

The utilization of the AI avatar functionality by TikTok users will be fascinating to observe. While some users may be interested in creating lifelike representations of themselves, others may choose to express their individuality through unique visual styles. The options are limitless.

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