Gmail Introduces Email Translation Feature for Phones

With the addition of a new function to the Gmail program, users will now be able to translate emails natively. Previously limited to the internet, the capacity is now being made available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

In an article on its blog, Google stated that “Our users have conveniently translated emails in Gmail on the web to over 100 languages for years”. We’re happy to announce that the Gmail mobile app now has a native translation capability, enabling you to easily converse in other languages.

When the capability recognizes the language of the email’s content, a standard offering to translate the email to the client’s preferred language is displayed at the top of the email. If an email is in Spanish and the user prefers English, they can click “Translate to English” to view the translated text, for instance.

Users who don’t want to translate an email can opt to ignore the banner or never translate emails from that language again. Users may also change their translation choices in the settings by selecting the languages they want to always translate or never translate.

How to Translate an Email in Gmail on Desktop

To translate an email in Gmail on a desktop, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Open the email from which you want to translate the message.
  • Click on the “More” icon (three vertical dots) at the top right corner of your message.
  • A drop-down menu will appear with different options. Click “Translate message” from it.
  • Your translated message will appear in a pop-up box. You can then read it or send it to someone else by clicking on the “Send translation” button at the bottom of the pop-up box.
  • Click on the dropdown box to find the list of Languages.
  • Select the language you want to Translate.
  • Here you selected the “French” Language.
  • Now your Email is translated into French.
  • If you want to view the original message just click on “View original message”

How to Translate an Email in Gmail on Android

Method One:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap General management >Language & input>Language.
  • You can move your language to the top of the list by dragging it.

Method Two:

The process of translating an email in Gmail on Android is fast and easy.

1. Open the email you want to translate.

2. Tap and hold the text you want to be translated.

3. Select your preferred language.

4. Tap “Translate” to translate the email.

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How to Translate an Email in Gmail on iPhone or iPad

 If you want to change the language of the Gmail app on your phone, it will require changing the device’s system language. When you do this, all applications that support multiple languages will be displayed in those languages rather than English by default.

Method One:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap General>Language & Region>iPhone or iPad Language.
  • Choose the language you prefer.
  • Tap Done.

Method Two:

1. Open up the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap on the email message that you want to translate and then tap on the three dots icon at the top right side of the screen.

3. Tap on Translate in order to translate your email into another language.


Now, you know how to translate an email in Gmail. The next time you want to send an email translated into another language. We hope that this article has been helpful. Whether you’re translating emails in Gmail every day or simply want to brush up on your technical translation skills, these quick tips can help.

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