Google’s Commitment to Education for 2000 Balochistan Student Scholarships 

Pakistan’s Quetta, Balochistan – Today, 2,000 students from the province will get scholarships thanks to a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) signed between Google and the government of Balochistan. The scholarships will pay for students enrolled in Google Career Certificate programs’ tuition, fees, and living costs.

According to Bilal Mahmood, Country Director for Google Pakistan, “We are thrilled to partner with the Government of Balochistan to provide these scholarships to young people in the province.” “These scholarships will aid in providing students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to thrive in the digital economy.”

The scholarships are a component of Google’s dedication to ensuring that individuals all across the world have access to education and skill development. A collection of online courses called Google Career Certificates teaches workers in-demand skills in industries including project management, data analytics, and IT support.

“This is a great opportunity for young people in Balochistan to learn the skills they need to get good jobs in the digital economy,” said Abdul Aziz Uqaili, the chief secretary of Balochistan. “We appreciate Google’s support of this significant initiative,” the statement reads.

Requirements for students

Students that fit the requirements will be given the scholarships:

  • Are enrolled in a program to get a Google Career Certificate.
  • Are they Baloch people?
  • Own a GPA of at least 3.0.

The awards are extendable for a maximum of four years.

At a ceremony in Quetta, Bilal Mahmood and Abdul Aziz Uqaili signed the MoU. Representatives from Google and the Balochistan government also attended the ceremony.

Mahmood declared, “This is a significant milestone in our efforts to give people in Balochistan access to education and skill training.” “We are committed to collaborating with the Balochistani government to grow this program and reach more students.”

The scholarship initiative is a component of Google’s larger Pakistani commitment. Over the last five years, Google has invested over $1 billion in Pakistan and produced over 10,000 employment. In Pakistan, Google is likewise trying to increase internet access and advance the nation’s digital economy.

Mahmood stated, “We think Pakistan has the potential to be a major digital economy. To make this a reality, “We are committed to working with the Government of Pakistan.”

Advantages of Scholarship

The following are a few advantages of the scholarship program for students:

  • The scholarships will pay for the students’ tuition, fees, and living costs, allowing them to concentrate on their studies without having to worry about money.
  • The scholarships will give students access to top-notch digital education and training, equipping them with the knowledge and abilities necessary to thrive in the digital economy.
  • Students will get the chance to network with other students and experts in the tech sector thanks to the scholarships, which will help them advance their careers.  

Baluchistan kids have a great opportunity thanks to the scholarship program. They will be able to develop the skills necessary to prosper in the digital economy and advance their careers.

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