Google’s Progressive Stance on Cryptocurrency Ads in 2024  

Google has issued a notice outlining upcoming changes to its cryptocurrency advertising standards, advising advertisers to become acquainted with these changes and ensure compliance with the upcoming requirements.

Prepare for a revolution in the world of crypto advertising! Beginning January 29th, 2024, Google will implement significant changes to its cryptocurrency advertising strategy, with the goal of becoming more transparent and consumer-centric. This means that anyone advertising crypto-related products and services, like as exchanges, wallets, trading platforms, and even initial coin offerings (ICOs), would face greater restrictions and standards.

The most major change is that advertisements must now be certified. Before you can run any cryptocurrency advertisements, you must first go through Google’s certification process, proving competence and a commitment to regulatory compliance. This ensures that only authentic advertisers can enter the advertising space.


  • Advertisers marketing cryptocurrency-related products and services will be need to be verified by Google.
  • This program will evaluate the advertiser’s knowledge, resources, and regulatory compliance.

Stricter criteria:

  • Google will impose stricter criteria for cryptocurrency advertisements, with an emphasis on transparency, disclosure, and consumer safety.
  • Ads must be clear, succinct, and accurate in their representation of the promoted items and services.
  • Disclaimers should be explicitly noted, emphasizing the risks and volatility of bitcoin investing.     

Google is also tightening the controls on ad content. Transparency is essential, with advertisements needed to be crystal clear, simple, and free of misleading information. Disclaimers noting the inherent dangers and volatility of cryptocurrency investments must also be widely disclosed to shield users from potential pitfalls. 

These modifications aren’t just for show. They mark a global shift in Google’s approach to cryptocurrency advertising, affecting all accounts promoting cryptocurrency-related items and services globally. Be prepared to comply with these new rules, whether you’re a seasoned exchange or a fledgling ICO.


  • The new ban is global in scope, affecting any accounts that promote cryptocurrency-related products and services, including Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts.
  • Exchanges, wallets, trading platforms, and initial coin offers (ICOs) are all examples of this.

Personalized advertisements:

  • Google will also prohibit targeted ads for bitcoin and other financial items in February 2024.
  • This means that users will not see adverts tailored to their financial information, browsing history, or other personal information.

It doesn’t end there. Google takes another step toward consumer protection in February 2024 by prohibiting tailored adverts for cryptocurrency and other financial items. This means you won’t see targeted cryptocurrency adverts based on your browser history or financial data, resulting in a fairer playing field for all. 


  • Advertisers must follow the new rules by January 29th, 2024.
  • Google will begin implementing the rules on this date, and full implementation may take up to six weeks.    


  • The impact of these developments is expected to be profound in the cryptocurrency advertising landscape.
  • They will most certainly restrict the number of bitcoin advertisements displayed on Google platforms while increasing compliance expenses for marketers.
  • They might, nevertheless, also result in more honest and reliable advertising, which would ultimately be advantageous to customers.

Although these changes may appear overwhelming at first, their ultimate goal is to establish a more transparent and reliable crypto advertising environment that will benefit both legitimate businesses and consumers. Accept the changes, modify your approaches, and get ready to negotiate the brand-new Google crypto advertising landscape.

Google’s declaration:

 Policy updates on cryptocurrencies and related goods (December 2023)

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