Google’s Updating on AdMob & AdSense Policies on Sensitive Events

Google is planning to improve its ability to provide high-quality, relevant information during “Sensitive Events” by implementing a new policy. Adding this new Sensitive Events policy to the AdMob & AdSense Program Policies is scheduled for February of this year.

Publishers’ Importance:

Site ad-serving disablement and AdSense account revocation may result from noncompliance with Google’s regulations, thus compliance is of the utmost importance.

Defining Sensitive Events:

Unforeseen events like this greatly threaten Google’s capacity to:

  • Supply information that is superior in quality, pertinent, and correct.
  • Minimize harmful information in important aspects that generate revenue.
  • Civil emergencies, environmental catastrophes, public health crises, terrorism, wars, and mass violent incidents are all examples of events that can have far-reaching effects on society, culture, and politics.

Prohibited Content:

Products or services that take advantage of or ignore the event, gouging on prices, leveraging relevant keywords to increase traffic, and making accusations that victim-blame or unfairly stigmatize certain nations are all on Google’s list of prohibited material during Special Events, but it is not exhaustive.

What are the new policy changes?

1. Prohibition on monetizing sensitive event topics: Ads that take advantage of or profit from Sensitive Events will not be shown by Google. Products and services that falsely promise to fix the problem, charge exorbitant prices, unjustly use relevant keywords to increase traffic, or stigmatize or victimize certain groups are all examples of this.

2. Focus on accurate information: Google will proactively take measures to guarantee that users receive trustworthy information during Sensitive Events, so they can focus on correct information. This might entail giving more weight to reliable sources, giving less weight to false information, and drawing more attention to tools that verify claims.

3. Flexibility and adaptation: The policy is not rigid and can be changed in response to new information or circumstances. In order to respond appropriately, Google will keep a careful eye on developments.

Why are these changes important?

During these sensitive periods, these updates are made to safeguard users against misinformation and exploitation. Google aspires to provide a more secure and knowledgeable online space during Sensitive Events by limiting the dissemination of damaging content and encouraging trustworthy information.

As a publisher, what are your responsibilities with AdMob and AdSense?

  • Make sure your material is compliant by getting to know the new regulations.
  • Watch what you say and don’t use Sensitive Events for your own benefit.
  • Make sure that the information you provide is accurate and dependable.
  • Keep up with the newest news and developments about Sensitive Events by following Google’s releases.

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