IAS and Meta’s Enhanced Partnership for Facebook and Instagram Reels

The June 2023 announcement of the agreement between IAS and Meta for advertising solutions on Facebook and Instagram Reels is the most recent information available. The collaboration deepens the connection between the two businesses that was established in 2016. IAS will assess view ability and invalid traffic (IVT) for Meta’s Reels video stream inventory as part of the new relationship. In this way, advertisers can be assured that their advertising are being seen by human beings and not by automated programs. As part of the collaboration, additional measuring solutions, including brand safety and reach measurement, will be created for Reels. Advertisers will benefit from these solutions since they will have a better grasp of how their advertisements are performing on Reels.

The collaboration between IAS and Meta is a big step forward for Reels ad tracking. It helps marketers track the success of their campaigns and guarantee that their ads are seen by genuine people.

The advantages of the IAS and Meta collaboration:

  • View ability:

Ads on Reels will be measured for view ability by IAS, so that marketers can see how many people really saw their advertisements. This is crucial since first impressions don’t always last. For instance, the value of an advertisement that is viewed for only a fraction of a second is significantly lower than that of an advertisement that is viewed for its whole.  

  • Invalid Traffic:

To aid advertisers in detecting and eliminating invalid traffic from their campaigns, IAS will soon offer IVT measurement for Reels advertisements. This is significant because fraudulent traffic may artificially exaggerate the size of an ad campaign’s audience and the number of times their ads are seen, creating the appearance that the campaign is more successful than it actually is.

  • Brand Safety:

Advertisers may be certain that their Branded advertising will not be placed next to any objectionable or improper material according to brand safety measurement provided by IAS. Ad companies naturally want to avoid having their names linked to anything controversial, so this is a significant consideration.

  • Reach Measurement:

For marketers interested in seeing how many people their Reels advertising have reached, IAS will now give reach data. This is significant since audience size is a fundamental indicator of an advertisement’s efficacy.

  • Accurate:

IAS’s technology has made it a frontrunner among ad measurement service providers. Marketers may trust that the information they receive from IAS is accurate and trustworthy.

  • Transparency:

As IAS is dedicated to complete openness, it gives advertisers with comprehensive data on the success of their initiatives. Marketers may then use this data to assess the efficacy of their advertisements and adjust their strategies accordingly.  

  • Ease of Use:

Integration with preexisting ad platforms and user-friendliness are two key features of IAS’s ad measuring solutions. This facilitates advertiser adoption of IAS and the monitoring of Reels campaign success.

Thus, the collaboration between IAS and Meta represents a major step forward for evaluating commercials on Reels. It equips marketers with the resources they require to track the success of their campaigns and verify that their advertising reach actual people. Advertisers should expect more success from their Reels efforts thanks to the cooperation.

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