IT Ministry Unveils Robust Cybersecurity Framework with National CERT Rules

The Ministry of IT and Telecom has announced the construction of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework, which includes the National Computer Emergency Team (National CERT), under the newly passed Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Rules 2023. This is a game-changing move.

The Campaign

The Ministry’s spokespeople emphasize the National CERT’s essential role in building digital defenses, as part of a bigger effort to boost the nation’s cyber security capabilities.

Developing Foundations

The National CERT’s foundation has been methodically constructed by the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) project “Cyber Security for Digital Pakistan.” This program ensures infrastructure readiness, skilled workers, and the purchase of necessary software and hardware.

Launch of the PKCERT Website

The newly formed PKCERT website will play an important role in sharing information about cyber dangers ranging from cyber-attacks to cyber terrorism and espionage. Following the National CERT’s official notification, this platform will smoothly connect with the ongoing PSDP project.

Coordination and Sectoral CERTs

Following the National CERT notice, the development of Sectoral CERTs demonstrates a comprehensive approach to cyber security that crosses national lines.

Formation of the CERT Council

The creation of the CERT Council, a sophisticated layer of coordination involving members from the National CERT, Sectoral CERTs, and several ministries/divisions, is a critical stage in this process.  

Composition of Complexity

Ministry officials recognize the Council’s complexity, which led to the decision to finalize it upon notice of both the National CERT and Sectoral CERTs.

The function of the National Cyber Emergency Response Team (NCERT)

The NCERT of Pakistan, entrusted with the protection of digital assets, sensitive data, and critical infrastructure, is expected to play an important role in government operations.

Accountability Has Many Facets

The NCERT’s responsibilities include research and development, detection, prevention, and response to cyber threats, as well as the formulation of effective cyber security policy.

Global Cooperation

The Ministry seeks to foster global collaboration in the field of cyber security, recognizing that cyber threats are global in nature and that joint countermeasures are required.


The Ministry of IT and Telecom’s action is a significant step toward a safer digital environment. The establishment of the CERT Council, Sectoral CERTs, and National CERT demonstrates a comprehensive and proactive approach to cyber security.

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