Meta Challenges Google’s MusicLM with Cutting-Edge AI Music Suite

The innovative AI music platform AudioCraft, developed by Meta, has been compared to Google’s MusicLM. Three generative AI models called AudioCraft may be used to either rewrite current music or produce new music. The facts are

  • MusicGen: According to a written prompt, the MusicGen model can produce original music. You may ask it to write a love song or a song in the style of a particular musician, for instance.
  • AudioGen: This model is capable of producing fresh sounds, including melodies, basslines, and drums. You may make your own unique soundscapes with it or include brand-new components into already-existing music.
  • Encodec: Using this paradigm, MusicGen or AudioGen may produce music of higher quality. To make the music sound more polished, it might take out noise, apply compression, and make other changes.

Although AudioCraft is still under development, certain musicians and artists are already using it to produce new music, according to Meta. In order for anybody to utilize Audio Craft to produce their own AI-generated music, the business also intends to make it an open-source project.

The entry of Meta into the AI music market presents a threat to Google, which had recently unveiled MusicLM, its own AI music tool. Similarly, MusicLM is a trio of generative AI models, but it aims to produce more realistic, human-like music. Contrarily, the emphasis of Meta’s Audio Craft is more on innovation and exploration. Without being bound by the requirement to make it sound accurate, it enables users to produce wholly fresh and creative music.

The future competition between Meta and Google’s AI music technologies will be exciting to watch. Both businesses have substantial financial resources and access to a wealth of data, therefore it is probable that in the years to come, this industry will witness some fascinating advancements.

Here are some more specifics on AudioCraft:

  • It is based on the open-source AI technologies in Meta’s AI Test Kitchen platform, which is still under development.
  • Anyone who wants to utilize it can do so for free.
  • Pop, rock, techno, and classical music may all be produced with it.
  • Music may be produced using it for a range of objectives, including amusement, instruction, and advertisement.

Meta hopes that AudioCraft will contribute to the democratization and increase accessibility of music creation. The business is dedicated to making its AI tools available to everyone because it thinks that AI has the potential to change the music business.

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