Meta’s Next Move: Challenging Twitter with New Platform   

Around the middle of July 2023, Meta plans to introduce its Twitter competitor, codenamed Project 92 but rumored to be called Threads. The article was published by The Verge, which cited “people familiar with the matter.”

Threads is an Instagram-compatible microblogging network. One of the features that will allow users to share text, photos, and videos with their followers is Threads Chat, a private chat app for Threads users.

There have been rumors that the app is being marketed as a “sanely managed” alternative to Twitter, which has been under fire for its lax content filtering and role in spreading fake news. It has been speculated that Meta intends to market Threads to notable figures in the entertainment and media industries.

To what extent Threads may challenge Twitter as a microblogging service remains to be seen. Twitter’s competition from platforms like TikTok and YouTube had already been fierce before the app’s launch.

Here you’ll find more information on Meta, Twitter’s competitor:

  • In March 2023, Meta declared that it was working on a Twitter alternative.
  • The app’s screenshots were leaked in June of 2023 and quickly went viral.
  • In July of 2023, the app briefly appeared on the Google Play Market.
  • Launch of the app is planned for the middle of July, 2023.

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