National Assembly Informed: 200,000 Telecom Jobs Generated with 4G Launch

The introduction of 4G has undoubtedly transformed the telecommunications sector in the ever expanding world of technology. With this ground-breaking progress, several open doors have appeared, laying the groundwork for an increase in work throughout the region.

According to the cabinet, the launch of 4G in Pakistan has resulted in the creation of 200,000 new telecom employment. According to data provided to the NA, 30 mobile device manufacturing businesses provided 50,000 job prospects, while telecom companies directly employed 5780 individuals after the launch of 3G and 4G. Currently, there are 44,200 employees working for telecom companies in Pakistan. The number of internet users is over 128 million.

The introduction of 4G in Pakistan has significantly altered the telecom industry, generating employment and accelerating economic growth. Better connection and quicker data rates made possible by the 4G network have increased demand for telecom services. Customer support agents, network engineers, and sales representatives are just a few of the new positions that have been created as a result in the telecom industry.

The expansion of Pakistan’s 4G network has boosted the country’s economy. Profits at telecom firms have risen in response to rising demand, so contributing to general economic expansion. The advent of 4G technology has paved the way for a variety of new industries to flourish, including e-commerce and distance education.

Pakistan’s economy and employment market have both benefited from the rollout of 4G. The expansion of the 4G network is anticipated to maintain economic growth and employment creation into following years.

Advantages of using 4G

Here we’ll go over a few of the advantages that 4G service in Pakistan can bring to the country.

  • Increased employment: Over 200,000 new direct and indirect jobs have been created in the telecoms industry thanks to the advent of 4G. The economy has thrived, and as a result, many people’s standard of life has improved.
  • Improved access to digital services: More individuals in Pakistan are now able to take advantage of online learning opportunities, get medical care, and conduct financial transactions thanks to the expansion of 4G networks throughout the country. Many people’s lives have been improved as a result of the “digital gap” being closed.
  • Increased investment: With the introduction of 4G, firms both at home and abroad have increased their investment. Because of this increase in funding, more jobs may be found in the telecommunications industry. 

The federal government established the Universal Service Fund (USF), through which commercial telecom providers get funding to improve infrastructure and expand services to unserved regions. More individuals now have access to telecom services, and as a result, more people have found employment in the sector.
Pakistan now has access to a greater pool of competent telecom personnel in large measure because of USF training programs and scholarship opportunities. Because of this, the number of jobs available in the sector of telecommunications has increased.

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