New Electronic Visa Program Launched by Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis

With the formal launch of the Electronic Visa, or E-Visa, for Pakistani tourists, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a significant advancement in modernity and improved travel comfort. The goal of this innovative program is to expedite the visa application process and strengthen bilateral connections between the two nations.

Knowing how to use an e-visa for Saudi Arabia

An electronic visa known as the Saudi Arabia E-Visa enables Pakistanis to travel, do business, and enter the country for religious visits. This innovative method makes it considerably quicker and simpler for travelers from Pakistan to enter Saudi Arabia by eliminating the need for traditional visa applications.

By implementing electronic visas (e-visas) in a dozen countries, including Pakistan, the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry is upending the status quo.

The information was formally released by the Saudi General Aviation Authority. It has created a brand-new mechanism that issues electronic visas using QR codes.

The system is active at the Saudi embassies in Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Egypt.

The modification is a result of Saudi Arabia’s continued efforts to enhance consular services and simplify processes.

It also plans to update the method by which it issues other types of visas, such as those for employment, residence, and visits.

The immigration process in Saudi Arabia has recently been streamlined, and there are less restrictions on visas now. This is an initiative to boost international investment and travel to the country.

Also, there are several speculations of a potential Schengen-style common visa regime among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

The E-Visa for Saudi Arabia Has Many Benefits

1. Efficiency and promptness: The E-Visa technology has transformed the visa application procedure and drastically slashed processing times. Tourists no longer need to physically visit embassies or consulates in order to receive their visas; instead, they may do so online from the convenience of their homes.

2. Improved Accessibility: The Saudi Arabia E-Visa may be applied for at any time, without being constrained by working hours or location, using a 24/7 online platform that is simple to use.

3. Application Process Simplified: The E-Visa application procedure is simple and straightforward to grasp. Applicants are guided through each stage, ensuring that all pertinent information and supporting documentation is provided and reducing the likelihood of errors or omissions.

4. Multiple Entry Options: Depending on the kind of visa, visitors have the option of choose a single-entry, multiple-section, or one-year validity, providing them with greater freedom when making travel arrangements.

5. Assistance for Many Purposes: The Saudi Arabia E-Visa pays careful attention to the various requirements of Pakistani visitors, whether they are travelling for business, conferences, or religious pilgrimages.

How to Apply for an E-Visa for Saudi Arabia

It only takes a few easy steps to complete the Saudi Arabia E-Visa application process:

  • Visit the E-Visa Official Website: To begin the application procedure, go to the designated Saudi Arabia E-Visa website.
  • Create a profile: By providing your email address and creating a strong password, you may register on the site.
  • Choose a visa type: Choose the appropriate visa category based on your intended use for the trip, such as business, tourism, or travel.
  • Application form in its entirety: Provide correct personal and travel details on the online application form.
  • Upload the necessary files: Scan and upload any required documentation, including a current passport, a passport-sized picture, and any other records required by your visa category.
  • Visa fee payment: Use safe online payment platforms to process the visa cost.
  • Wait for Approval: After submitting your application, wait for the approval. The E-Visa system’s efficiency makes the processing time for visas frequently quick.
  • Obtain the E-Visa: Upon the approval of your visa, you will get an email with an electronic visa that you may print off and produce when you arrive in Saudi Arabia.


With a focus on Pakistani tourists looking to experience the delights of the Kingdom, the Saudi Arabia E-Visa is a ground-breaking development in travel facilitation. For individuals wanting to go to Saudi Arabia, the E-Visa programme ushers in a new age of ease and accessibility with its simple application procedure, quick approvals, and variety of visa alternatives.

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