OneStream Live – Your Gateway to Professional Live Streaming

With the revolutionary cloud solution known as OneStream Live, users can easily produce high-quality live broadcasts and broadcast them to more than 40 social media sites or any user-defined RTMP destination—all without leaving their browser.

In addition to supporting social network multistreaming, OneStream Live makes it easy to embed your broadcasts on other websites and even lets you make your own personalised live streaming webpages. Content makers, marketers, educators, healthcare providers, and religious organisations are just a few of the many types of users that would find this storytelling platform ideal. Therefore, it is accessible to everybody.


Providing innovative and customer-centric live streaming services to people from all walks of life, we want to become a trusted partner in the live streaming market and a worldwide leader in our field.


By facilitating the processing, transcoding, and live streaming of both pre-recorded and real-time videos, OneStream Live hopes to open up a multitude of possibilities.


The visionary trio of Pakistani-born engineers and businesspeople Hanan Naeem, Bilal Chaudhry, and Shahzad Hussain created OneStream Live with the goal of building a strong ecosystem for live streaming. What began as a trio in 2018 has grown into a 42-person ensemble, with 65% female members and 100% Pakistanis.  

Pakistan may be proud of the OneStream Live team since they work tirelessly to provide the live-streaming business with state-of-the-art technology. OneStream Live is proud to have a team of Pakistani industry leaders and seasoned tech professionals who are all dedicated to what they do.

The motto of the firm, “Made in Pakistan, Made by Pakistanis,” has not changed.

How did it start?

An easy way to broadcast previously recorded videos over the internet was the original inspiration behind OneStream Live. With competitive live streaming solutions like OneStream Studio and Live Spaces, OneStream Live has grown into an innovation-driven market leader in the worldwide live streaming business over time. The company learned from market research and incorporated changing customer expectations.


Live Hosting:

OneStream Studio is a completely new, cutting-edge solution that lets you make and present live programmes with as many as ten guests and a plethora of branding choices, such as custom overlays, logos, banners, and tickers.

Streaming from RTMP Source:

Easily broadcast in real time to many social media platforms at once by connecting any third-party streaming tool, such as Zoom, OBS, or Wirecast.

Live Spaces:

Create unique landing pages with the aid of pre-made, editable templates and add live streams to your site without paying for hosting with this handy tool.

 Pre-Recorded streaming:

Schedule up to 60 days in advance to live-stream pre-recorded films to your preferred social media platforms with pre-recorded streaming.

Most Popular Features:

  • Software Installation Not Necessary – Streaming with OneStream Live is as easy as 1-2-3 because it is cloud-based.
  • Streaming Playlists — arrange previously recorded videos in a specific sequence and set them to play on various social media streaming services at specific times.
  • Live sales – Sell your wares live on air by showcasing them during broadcasts.
  • Live Unified Chat – Directly reply to comments and messages received across all social media platforms with our live unified chat feature.
  • Cloud Storage Integration – You may conserve data by importing films straight from services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Box, S3, or
  • Open Captions – Use Open Captions to annotate previously recorded live broadcasts with captions or subtitles in the SRT format.
  • Full Customization — Add your logo and other creative overlays like banners, stickers, backdrops, intros, and outros to your live streams to make them unique.
  • Team Management – Supervise your team members so they can work together and broadcast live with more ease.

If you want to multistreaming with ease and enjoy live events, OneStream Live is the way to go. You can rely on OneStream Live to elevate your live streaming to a whole new level.

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