Pakistan Freelancers: How to Receive Payments from Clients Worldwide

In Pakistan, freelancing has grown in popularity, and many talented people now work for clients around the world. However, receiving payments from abroad can be difficult due to a number of factors, including constrained banking options and restrictions on currency exchange.

In this article, we’ll examine the various strategies Pakistani freelancers can use to quickly and securely accept payments from abroad.

Definition of an international payment

International payment refers to the exchange of money or the resolution of financial disputes between people, companies, or organizations based in different countries. To support various international transactions, such as exchanges, investments, settlements, or cross-border services, it also includes the movement of cash across international borders.

There are numerous ways to make international payments, including;

1. Wire transfers

2. Electronic funds transfers (EFT)

3. Online payment systems

4. Credit cards

5. Checks or letters of credit.

These payments could involve several different currencies, and the amount is frequently converted using exchange rates.

Methods of international payment

In Pakistan, there are numerous international payment gateways. Here are some of them:


With the widely used international payment method Payoneer, independent contractors can access a fictitious U.S. bank account. Payments from clients can be made to the freelancer’s Payoneer account, which can then be used to withdraw funds to a Pakistani bank account.

Additionally, it offers prepaid MasterCards so that independent contractors can use their funds for both online and off-line purchases as well as ATM withdrawals.

  • accessible in over 150 nations
  • All platforms for freelancing, including Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Freelancer, accept it.
  • The US dollar, the pound sterling, and the euro are among the currencies you can manage.
  • You can send invoices to particular clients through Payoneer (all you need are their names, email addresses, countries, and states).
  • You can send the invoice to the company’s Payoneer account by including the company name, website, name of the contact person, email address, and country.
  • Payoneer will set up receiving accounts for both your First Century Bank (in the US) and Barclays (in the UK) bank accounts.
  • There are no costs associated with transfers between Payoneers.
  • Low fees and the most secure withdrawal method
  • The majority of Pakistani banks accept it.

Using a local bank:

Freelancers can give their local bank account information to international clients so they can receive direct transfers. The cost of currency conversion and international wire transfers may be higher with this method. It’s important to ask your bank about their procedures and charges for international transactions.

  • These options are available on Upwork and PeoplePerHour.
  • Transaction costs make it unwise to do so.


Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, provides an easy-to-use platform for international payments. Even if you don’t have a Wise account, you can still receive payments. When they are first set up, only clients are required to log in to and provide their information.

Wise is convenient for users worldwide, but it is especially helpful for clients in the UK. Payments received through Wise can be directly deposited into your local bank account.

To begin, you should provide the information below:

  • Name (First Name and Last Name)
  • Father’s Name
  • CNIC (National Identification Card Number)
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
  • Mobile Number
  • Contact Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Country
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Region

You can also open a Wise account and use it similarly to Payoneer if you reside in Pakistan. You can transfer up to 500 GBP without paying any fees if you sign up for Wise right away.


Skrill is an online wallet created for people and companies who need to efficiently move and manage money.

Please be aware that Skrill primarily functions as a global online payment service. It provides a practical platform that makes it easy for people and companies to manage financial transactions safely. One can sign up online.

However, it is possible to keep money in Pakistani Rupees in your Skrill account. Any money you add to your Skrill wallet must be converted into one of the global currencies they accept. (PayPal Service):

PayPal’s service offers an easy-to-use platform for international payments.l/;l;

Receiving payments does not require having a Xoom account. Only customers must enter their information the first time they log into using their PayPal account.

It especially helps customers in the US, UK, and Canada.

It is a practical choice for receiving money because payments made through can be directly deposited into your local bank account.

To begin, you should provide the information below:

  • Name (First Name and Last Name)
  • Father’s Name
  • CNIC
  • IBAN
  • Mobile Number
  • Contact Email
  • Date of birth
  • Country
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Region

You can easily receive payments through and have them deposited into your local bank account by providing these details.

Western Union:

You can send and receive money internationally using Western Union, a reputable money transfer service.

You will have to provide the information requested below in order to be paid via Western Union:

  • The Name (First Name and Last Name)
  • Your location

You will receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from the client once the transaction has been initiated by the sender. You should go to your nearby Western Union location to collect the funds, and bring the following documentation with you:

  • an image of your CNIC (National Identification Card)
  • MTCN obtained from the customer
  • Contact information

You can conveniently receive the payment at your nearby Western Union branch by supplying these documents.

Payment Methods to receive local payments in Pakistan:

There are several ways for Pakistani independent contractors to get paid locally:

1. Bank Transfers: To receive payments into your bank account immediately, use any local bank, including Meezan Bank, HBL Bank, MCB Bank, and others.

2. Mobile payments: JazzCash, EasyPaisa, UBL Omni, and other mobile payment services provide practical ways for you to receive payments on your phone.

3. Platforms like NayaPay, SadaPay, SadaBiz, and Raast offer additional convenience and flexibility for receiving payments into your accounts directly.

These regional payment options give independent contractors in Pakistan a variety of options for quickly and securely receiving their pay.

Considerations and Tips:

1. Transaction fees: It’s critical to assess the transaction costs related to each type of international payment method. For receiving, converting, or withdrawing money, some platforms may charge a fee. This can reduce overall profits.

2. Exchange rates: Watch the exchange rates, particularly when converting money from foreign currencies to Pakistani rupees. To get the most for your money, it is a good idea to compare prices from various sources.

3. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Acquaint yourself with Pakistan’s legal and governmental requirements for receiving foreign payments. Keep abreast of any policy alterations that might have an impact on your payment options.

4. Consultation: Speak with other independent contractors or certified financial planners who have knowledge of international payments. Their knowledge and expertise can be a great help when deciding on the best payment option.


Although the popularity of freelancing has increased in Pakistan, receiving payments from abroad can be difficult due to constrained banking options and currency restrictions. By using services like Payoneer, TransferWise, Skrill,, and Western Union for safe international payments, freelancers can get past these obstacles.

Options like bank transfers and mobile payment services like JazzCash, EasyPaisa, UBL Omni, NayaPay, SadaPay, SadaBiz, and Raast offer convenient solutions for local transactions. Seeking advice from seasoned freelancers or financial advisors can direct freelancers toward the best payment method for their needs, facilitating financial success in their freelance careers. Important considerations include transaction fees, exchange rates, and legal compliance.

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