Pakistan’s First 4 Months of 2023 Witness 3.44 Million Mobile Phone Productions  

During the first four months of 2023, Pakistan produced a substantial number of mobile phones, showing the country is well on its way to become a major participant in the global mobile phone manufacturing market. To fulfill the local demand for mobile devices and encourage further investment, the government and relevant stakeholders are anticipated to maintain their support for the sector’s expansion.

A record 3.44 million mobile phones were produced or assembled in Pakistan during the first four months of 2023. Significant growth from the 2.79 million units manufactured during the corresponding time previous year. Others believe that the government’s prohibition on old mobile phone imports is to blame for the surge in manufacturing, since it has increased demand for domestically made devices. The PTA has also implemented a slew of benefits for domestic producers, including reduced taxes and duty-free imports of raw materials.

Data from the PTA reveals that in the first four months of 2023, 2.79 million 2G phones and 0.65 million smartphones were produced or assembled. The province of Punjab hosted the majority of the manufacturing, with Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa following closely after. The growth of the mobile phone industry in Pakistan is an encouraging sign for the economy. Creating jobs, increasing exports, and decreasing imports are all positive effects on the economy. It also gives them more options at more affordable prices.

The declared goal is to manufacture 5 million mobile phones by the end of 2023. If this business plan pans out, it will revolutionize the country’s mobile phone market. Pakistan’s increased manufacture of mobile phones reflects the country’s recognition of the rising significance of the digital economy. It is anticipated that mobile phone sales would skyrocket as internet penetration continues to rise.

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