Power-itt Mini UPS Ensures 24/7 Wi-Fi Router Power

Volt Lab’s new product is about to be released, and we are thrilled to share the news since we believe it will revolutionize your business. Our latest offering, the result of extensive R&D, will, without a doubt, exceed your expectations.

The Power-itt Introduction:

Let us present you to Power-itt, a brand new and revolutionary product—a dedicated mini-UPS for Wi-Fi routers. Freelancers and those involved in internet commerce are the target audience for this product design. This device works with any WiFi router, whether it’s 9V or 12V, and with optical or plain fibers. Thanks to Power-itt, you can enjoy uninterrupted internet use for 4.5 hours. This revolutionary product will revolutionize your business and increase revenue. We are confident that our product will simplify and improve your life, and we can’t wait to witness how it changes your routine for the better.

Design and technology:

Instead of being diametrically opposed, we believe that technological advancements and aesthetic sensibilities can collaborate to create something genuinely remarkable. Along with beauty, our design prioritizes use and functionality. Features of our technological system and layout:

  • Two 3000mAh Lithium Ion Cells
  • Built-in Electric Protection
  • Battery Charging and Over-Discharging Protection
  • Uninterrupted Switching to Batteries during Power Outages
  • 60-Minute Full Charge Time
  • Output: 12V/9V 2A
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Compact Design
  • Plug and play DIY installation
  • Local service center
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Design and Developed in Pakistan 

Our diligent workforce has invested extensive hours to deliver a reliable, exceptional, and user-friendly product. We are confident that you will derive as much satisfaction from utilizing it as we did from creating it. If you are prepared to encounter the future of Power-itt. Participate in this venture and become one of the pioneers to experience our remarkable novel product, Power-itt (Uninterruptible Power Supply for Wi-Fi routers).


  • Launch date: 15 Jan 2023
  • Devices sold till date: 230+
  • Customer Satisfaction rate: 98%
  • Platform: Daraz
  • Unit Price: 4600PKR

From Emaar Heights Karachi to Gilgit and Kashmir, our product is assisting young entrepreneurs and freelancers with their digital ventures.

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