Protect Your Data: How to Disable Link Tracking on Facebook for iPhone and Android

If you have been utilizing Facebook on your mobile device, you may have encountered a recent privacy functionality referred to as ‘link history’. Facebook monitors and records the URLs and webpages that you access using its application. By default, your browsing history is enabled, but you now have the ability to control it. If you choose not to employ it, we shall illustrate the process of deactivating it.

Instructions for utilizing Facebook’s link history

To view the websites you have visited on the Facebook app’s mobile browser on Android and iOS, follow these instructions to access your link history.

  • To access your profile, simply tap on your profile image located in the bottom right corner.
  • Select the option labeled ‘Settings & privacy.’
  • Choose the option labeled ‘Link history’.
  • To access the relevant page in this area, simply tap on any of the provided links. Alternatively, you can hit the ‘X’ located on the right side of a link and confirm your action to remove it. To remove all links on the page, simply touch on the ‘Clear all’ option.

This capability, designed to monitor your online behavior and the content that has captured your interest, can prove beneficial if you frequently click on links inside your Facebook feed.

How to Deactivate Link History on Facebook

If you do not see any utility in the link history feature, you can promptly disable it by adhering to these instructions:

  • To utilize the Facebook Mobile Browser, simply tap on any hyperlink within the Facebook application.
  • Tap the three dots located in the lower right corner, and subsequently choose the option ‘Go to Settings.’
  • Activate the “Allow link history” switch.
  • Validate your selection by tapping ‘Deny’.

As per Meta’s statement, disabling link history would result in the immediate erasure of your browsing history, rendering you unable to access any previously visited URLs. We will not retain your browsing history or utilize it to enhance targeted advertising across Meta platforms.

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