Securing a Work Visa in Finland 2023 | the Ultimate Guide  

Because of its dedication to equality and work-life harmony, Finland is a fantastic place to build a career. Opportunities abound in the sustainable business sector, the growing digital economy, and the country’s commitment to preserving the environment.

If you’re interested in starting an exciting new career in Finland, getting a work visa is a must. You’ll find a plethora of employment opportunities in this rich European nation.

Finland Work Visa

To pursue gainful activity in Finland, one must first get a residence permit based on employment. There are many types of work visas and work permits. The qualifying requirements and conditions for each option vary. See the government of Finland’s website for information on each type of permission.

A work-related residence permit application should be submitted if none is already available for your occupation.

Is a work visa necessary enter Finland?

Tourists from the following countries do not need a visa to visit Finland for up to 90 days within any 180-day period:

  • Americans, Kiwis, Aussies, Sammariners, Vaticanites, Andorrans, and Japanese all welcome!
  • European Economic Area/European Union and Nordic Country Nationals

In case you didn’t know, the maximum amount of time you may work in Finland without a visa is 90 days. After that period, they must register as permanent residents in Finland in order to work there.

Finland’s eligibility for work visas

If you want to work in Finland, you’ll need to complete these requirements to get a work visa.

  • How to Find Work in Finland
  • Have your employer verify that you meet the position’s requirements
  • Making sure you have the means to live comfortably while away.

Also, you need to be eligible to apply for a residence permit under the law. For further details, check out Finland’s minimal residence standards.

Finland’s criteria for work visas

The following documentation is required in order to receive an employee’s residence permit:

  • current passport (you must show it when submitting the application for a residence permit)
  • a code you obtained from a picture studio, a passport photo that satisfies the police’s photo requirements, or OLEL PK
  • Color copies of each passport page with remarks and personal information
  • Proof of your legal right to stay in the country where you submitted the application. Use the MP 1 form if you are already in Finland and applying for your first residence permit.

Please be advised that in order to get a residence permit for an employee, the following prerequisites must be satisfied. Further papers may be required if you’re applying for a different form of work residence visa.

Online Finland work visa application

This is a list of the steps involved in applying for a work-related residence permit.

  • Fill out the form, then attach any supporting paperwork.

The application procedure will begin when you complete these steps:

  • Submit an online application using the Enter Finland website. It is common for paper applications to cost more than their electronic counterparts. If you applied for your original residence permit through Enter Finland, you may not need to visit a service location to apply for an extension.
  • If you are unable to utilize Enter Finland, a paper application is also acceptable.

Cover the processing charges

When applying for a residence permit online with Enter Finland, you can pay the processing fee in one of the following ways:

  • Online application submission: The application fee can be paid in cash, by credit card, or with login credentials for a Finnish online bank account after the application is submitted and identification is verified in person.
  • Proving your identity in person: Paying the processing fee in person at a Finnish embassy or consulate abroad, or at a service center of the Finnish Immigration Service in Finland, is another option for proving your identity.

You must pay the processing fee when applying for a residence permit in writing at a Finnish embassy or consulate abroad or at a service center of the Finnish Immigration Service in Finland.

A supplement to your application from the employer

When you have filed your application through Enter Finland, your employer must submit supplementary documentation, such as the terms of employment, using Enter Finland for Employers.

If your company does not have access to Enter Finland for Employers, they can still complete the “Terms of Employment” paper form. You need to include this form with your application to enter Finland if any of these apply to you. If you are applying for a residence permit on paper, you must bring your employer’s completed “Terms of Employment” papers.

Identity confirmation at a service center, embassy, or consulate

If you need to go through the identification check and are currently outside of Finland, you must schedule an appointment with a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate).

If you are already in Finland, you must schedule an appointment at a service site of the Finnish immigration office in order to verify your identity.

Wait for the decision

After submitting your application, please be patient and wait for a response. The application process determines the notification procedure:

  • Online submission through Enter Finland: If you submitted your application using Enter Finland’s online system, you will be notified of its progress and of any further information that may be required through email and/or text message.
  • Application on paper: The status of your paper application and any requests for more information will be communicated to you through email if you sent one.

If your request is approved, your residency permit will be mailed to the address you provided throughout the application process.

Work visa processing time in Finland

The estimated processing time for a work-related residence permit application in Finland is two months. The application period includes both electronic and print formats. 

You may also check in on your application’s progress with the aid of the official chatbot, Kamu. Simply provide Kamu with the application diary number, and she will not only keep you updated on its progress but also provide an estimate of how long it will take to process your application.

Cost of a Work Visa for Finland

Finland work visa costs vary by application type and whether it is filed digitally or manually. Here is how the money is being spent:

1. Submit an application online:

  • The cost of the first permit is €490.
  • Please add EUR 160 for the prolongation.

2. Paper Formal Request:

  • The cost of first approval is a hefty 740 Euros.
  • To renew, you must pay EUR 430.

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