Social Media Companies Establish Virtual Offices in Pakistan

Social media companies and the Pakistani government resolved their dispute over social media regulatory reform. The updated social media guidelines, finalized by the MoIT, compel social media businesses to establish up virtual offices in Pakistan. Social media professionals will address Pakistani government complaints 24/7 in the virtual offices.

The government will notify social media providers to delete unlawful or damaging information within 24 hours. The new social media laws identify dangerous information in three categories.  

Illegal content on the “red list” must be deleted promptly.  

The “yellow list” requires 72-hour removal of hazardous information.  

The “green list” contains less dangerous items that will be assessed individually.

The Pakistani government and social media corporations compromised by establishing virtual offices. Social media corporations refused to open offices in Pakistan when the government required it. Virtual offices answer the government’s social media regulatory concerns while allowing firms to preserve flexibility.

Social media restrictions are set to change in the coming weeks. How well the guidelines regulate Pakistani social media is unknown. Nonetheless, virtual workplaces are a major advance in the government’s fight against bad content.

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