Top 5 Profitable Business Ideas under Rupees 20,000  

There are several options available for aspirant company owners in Pakistan, a nation renowned for its thriving entrepreneurial culture. With a population of over 220 million and a developing economy, Pakistan offers a wide variety of business opportunities that may be fulfilling and successful.

Starting a successful business on a limited budget may seem difficult, but it is doable with the correct concepts and tactics. The 10 company concepts listed below may be started with an investment of less than 20,000 rupees, making them affordable for prospective business owners.

Here are some business ideas to think about in Pakistan, regardless of your level of experience as an entrepreneur or your enthusiasm for new startups.

Business ideas list:

  • Internet Café
  • Photography business
  • Content writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • House cleaning services

Internet cafe

If you reside in a busy neighborhood or close to a college or university, this is a terrific business plan. You’ll need to install PCs with high-speed internet in a tiny room that you rent. Other services like printing, scanning, and photocopying are also something you can provide.

Photography business

If you are passionate about photography, this is an excellent business venture. Offering your services to friends and family might be a good place to start. Following the development of your portfolio, you may contact organizations and people that want photographic services.   

Content writing

Today’s digital world has a huge need for high-quality information. Starting a content writing business might be successful if you have a knack for writing and can generate interesting and useful articles. Many companies require content for their online presence, including websites, blogs, and promotional materials.

You may advertise your writing services to businesses and people that need assistance producing content that attracts and retains readers. You can start a profitable content-writing business with just a computer, an internet connection, and some money to devote towards advertising.

House cleaning services

If you’re neat, tidy, and have an aptitude for cleaning, you might want to consider this as a business venture. Start by telling your loved ones about your new house cleaning business. After you have established your credibility, you can begin marketing your services to local homes.

Graphic Designing

In today’s visually-focused society, graphic design is crucial for branding and marketing. Graphic design for restaurants may be a lucrative venture for those with an artistic flair and experience with design tools. You may provide logo and brand development, website and promotional graphic design, and other related services to both corporations and individuals.

Online Business Ideas:

  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelance writing
  • Virtual assistant
  • E-commerce
  • Online course creation
  • Social media marketing
  • App Development
  • Podcasting
  • Content Creation and Blogging
  • Online Fitness Training


A huge initial investment is not necessarily required to kick off a prosperous enterprise. Aspiring company owners have a lot of choices among the eleven industries discussed in this article. There’s a recruiting firm, a content writing service, a nursery, a viper factory, a graphic design studio, a stock trading business, a digital marketing firm, an e-commerce site offering baby products, and a driving school. By paying attention to the wants of your potential customers, you can turn these ideas into reality.

You should do in-depth market analysis, identify your ideal consumer profile, and develop a comprehensive business plan. Promoting your company may be done inexpensively through networking, social media, and informal trade agreements. Maintain a leading edge while adapting to customer needs and industry trends.

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