WhatsApp to Launch Snap chat-inspired Video Messaging Feature

We introduced a brand-new feature that is in development in the article about the WhatsApp beta for iOS update: video messages. Users now have a better way to quickly communicate with videos thanks to this feature, which allows them to share brief videos for up to 60 seconds. When WhatsApp beta for Android was being developed, the same feature was also discovered. We discovered that WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to record and send video messages to some fortunate beta testers after installing the most recent updates for iOS and Android available from the Google Play Store. A small group of beta testers already have access to the new feature.  

The video camera icon appears when the microphone button next to the message box is tapped to record a voice message. After that, by tapping and holding the button, you can quickly record a video for the beneficiary. Once more, all you need to do is press the camcorder button to get back into voice message mode. According to WABetaInfo, a video recording can only be made for a total of 60 seconds.

Users can tap the send button after recording a video message and then send it to their contacts. The video message will be delivered as a disappearing message, so the recipient will only be able to see it for a short while.

The addition of WhatsApp’s new video messaging function is much-appreciated. Users will be able to send their contacts brief, impromptu video messages, which may be a more efficient form of communication than text messages. Because the recipient can only view the video message for a brief period of time, the disappearing message feature also adds a layer of privacy.

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